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Shark Dive only (no transfers) Voucher


Activity Description

Only children aged 5 and older will be allowed on the boat (under parent supervision).
Only children aged 10 and older will be allowed in the cage (under parent supervision).
All children aged 5 and older pays the same price, as it takes up a seat on the boat.

Getting into the cage with the sharks around, is truly the most breath-taking experience you will ever live to remember. When feeding actively around the boat, the sharks may occasionally brush their tail against the cage, but NEVER attack the cage. They are very curious though and often come close-up to the cage, taking a closer look at the diver. A personal, eye-to-eye encounter with this awesome animal, is guaranteed to get the adrenaline going!

White shark diving up close and personal
Our cage is situated next to the side of the boat and once ready to take the dive, our Dive Master would assist the diver into the opening at the top of the cage. Once in position, the divers head would be no more than half a meter below the surface. A free-board of approx. 30cm allows the diver to rise to the surface and effectively communicate with the Dive Master on the boat. Snorkelers would secure themselves by holding onto the convenient cross bars, situated at the top of the cage.

Diving takes place on a quick and effective rotational system, with 5 to 6 divers down at a time. Once the rotation is completed it will be repeated, therefore ensuring that each diver can take as many dives as possible. Time spent in the cage depends on weather/water conditions, shark activity and eagerness of each diver, but is usually approx. 15 minutes at a time. We rarely have more than 18 divers on board at a time, ensuring maximum cage diving time for all divers and snorkelers.


DurationOpen Ended
WhenTrips are offered through the year except on Christmas Day. Tours are completely weather dependent.
Where9 Kusfront, Van Dyks Bay, Kleinbaai Harbour, 7220
WeatherAll trips are weather dependent.
What to WearBring warm clothes Swimwear Comfortable non slip shoes Cap or hat
Things to BringTowel, warm weather proof clothing, sunscreen and hat, camera and binoculars and sea-sick tablets.
Guests or SpectatorsGuests are welcome to venture into the quaint town of Gansbaai while waiting for their friends / family to come back from sea.


Minimum Age10 years
Minimum Height0.0 m
Maximum Height0.0 m
Fitness LevelNo Fitness Requirement
Maximum Weight0.0 kg
CertificationNone Required
Experience LevelNo Experience Requirement

Inclusions and Exclusions


Shark Cage Diving and viewing.
Breakfast / light meal before the tour.
Hot meal after the tour.
Refreshments on the boat.
Wetsuits with hoodies and booties
Snorkels and masks


Seasick tablets


Please note that you will be contacted 24 hours before the trip to confirm final pick-up / meeting time.
No diving qualifications or experience is needed for this dive. It is a surface dive, not a deep sea dive.
Whether diving or viewing the price remains the same. We charge per head on the boat.

Customer Reviews

A must-do while in Cape Town! We had bought the shark viewing & cage diving activity for us, a family of four - two parents and two teenage boys, without the transfer from Cape Town, to save some money as we already had a rental car. No problem to find the place at the harbour front in Gaansbaai, just make sure to start in time - at least 2.5 hours before the activity. Luckily the heavy traffic was mostly towards Cape Town and not in our direction. At White Shark Ventures we were met by very friendly staff, had a nice breakfast and got changed into wet suits. Make sure to bring sun screen as you will be at sea for some two-three hours, so at least for head and hands. We got out with the noon tour (this time at 11.00, depending on the tide) and headed to the other side of the bay with about 20 people. Quite soon we saw a Copper Shark and were amazed. A while after, we were lucky to get the Great White Shark very close to us several times. We saw it from the boat and also from the cold (12 C) water from inside the cage, about four people at a time. You wear the wet suit and swimming goggles, so it is quite OK but your hands will be freezing after a while. Get them up in the air and hold tight to the cage top to warm up. As it is quite something to see The Shark of sharks, we were astonished (no guarantees though...). After the shark viewing we had lunch and concluding information about what we saw and what White Shark Ventures is working with to save our waters and animals to preserve the them. Warmly recommended - do not miss it. Just check current offers for a good deal, but do not expect it to be cheap. - Bjorn Eriksson

It was a fantastic experience!!! the staff is super professional and helpful! if one day I will return to South Africa I will definitely do it again! thanks a lot to everyone - Pierluigi Triboli

Una experiencia meravillosa,una gran profesionalidad de todo el equipo y gran concienciacion hacia el medio ambiente y respeto hacia el mar . Nos dieron un gran desullano y ma gran charla y a la vuelta de la aventura un tranquilo y agradecido brunch . Gracias equipo - Antonio Cazalla Marin

It was a great day with much knowhow from the crew Perfekt experience - gladly again - Alexandra

It was a really great experience. When we arrived, we were greeted with breakfast, received a brief introduction (in English) and neoprene suits, since the water itself now only gets 10 to 14 deg C in summer. Then we went out by boat for about 5 km. As soon as the first shark showed up, the first 5 people could enter the cage. Little by little there were more and more sharks that came close to the cage again and again and again came close to the cage. -Madness! Even if you chose not to get in the cage, you had a good view. In the end, a baby seal also appeared. After about half an hour there was a change and the next 5 people were able to get into the cage. Finally, the question was asked who would be interested in a second round. After a total of about 2-3 hours on the water we drove back and received a delicious lunch. The dive was also filmed. We were lucky with the weather. Really highly recommended! - Peter Giess

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